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Snake 150 lay-flat oprolmachine

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The Snake-150 lay-flat rolling machine is specially designed for lay flat or hose users that need a simple solution to handle their reusable rolls of sub-main manifolds and water delivery systems.

This robust device is completely build from metal and finished with a high quality 2 components paint.

With the machine it is possible to roll the hoses on the drum to take them out of the field and it is also possible to roll the drum of to put them into the field.

The machine can be connected to the tractor by a 3-point hitch and the drum is hydraulic driven.

The turning speed of the drum is adjustable with a reduction valve.

Optionally there is a crane available for lifting the rolls from the drum.


Technical details:


Weight:                      200 kg

Length:                       1500 mm

witdh:                         1000 mm

Hight:                          1500 mm

Diameter drum:           1300 mm

With of the drum:        270 mm

Hydraulic oil needed    32 L/min



Suitable Lay-Flay hose

2 to 6 inch.


Snake 150 lay-flat oprolmachine

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